Didi , My Beloved Sister.

Some feelings can’t be truly expressed, some moments can’t be genuinely captured and some relations are always cherished. This is about one of the most important and beautiful chapter of my life, my sister and me turning into a maasi, i.e. maternal aunt.

The Beginning

Being the youngest member of my family, and the naughtiest one too, I was always pampered and loved the most. I have many beautiful memories, and few bad ones , and some regrets. My brother, five years elder to me, was initially jealous of my existence, as would any five year old kid would be; when suddenly all the attention and love gets diverted somewhere else, that is on me. This is why my sister loved me more and cared more when I was a little baby/small kid. I spent a lot of time with my sister, I used to be like her tail, following her everywhere. When I started walking, playing and gradually understanding things,I supposed it’s my sister’s duty to entertain,guide,play and roam around with me.Every evening she used to go walking or to play, I followed her.My sister’s friend used to tease her,“Hey where’s ur tail?” And ya, that    tail was none other than me. I remember once she took a break from her studies and went for a walk with a building friend , without informing me(I was fast asleep). As my daily routine, I woke up and went near the window, I enjoyed looking out of the window. Obviously,I saw my Didi, and I got so furious, that I started throwing utensils and other stuff from the window; my flat was on 5th floor!!!

Growing together..

I accompanied her at times when she studied too, sometimes she started teaching me also what she was studying!! I knew what chlorophyll is and the reason why leaves are green when I was in I or II standard ! She taught me what is good and what is bad. Many times I cried while sleeping when I was small and had a bad dream. She used to freak out and panic so much, and consoled me and made me comfortable. All my school projects were made by her,and they were all , the very best, always and perfect. It made me feel so proud. 🙂

The Growing Trust

We have a 10 year age difference,but it never was a hindrance to our friendship and closeness. Few things which I couldn’t tell mom, I told her and she was always there with her   examples,opinions and advises. Not only I loved her so much,all my childhood friends did and still remember her till date. She used to teach us dance and prepare us for all stage-shows.

 A Role Model

My sister has always been a role model for me, perfect painter,dancer, student, and what not. She completed her studies , and started working also,and I was still in school, 7 std. I used to wait till she returned from office; to update her with throughout the day’s stories. We shared many secrets during our bedtime chats. That was the only personal time we used to get. I never understood at that time, what work she did,and her job profile, I was just proud of her , as always.

Left Alone ?!

Time passed by and after two years of working in Mumbai, during my 9th standard, she had to go to the US, onsite, officially. I was very scared and broken initially, as I never imagined myself without her presence.For so many years, we shared the same room , and then suddenly , I am to be all by myself !!! I always cribbed and desired a separate room,we always had fights, regarding “keep your things in place….” But I din’t like it,I had sleepless nights for few days. On the double bed too I slept in the second half,so used to my sister sleeping on the second half. Even now I have the habit of sleeping only on one  half  of a double bed,  I never sleep on the middle. Gradually I got used to it, I missed her a lot; but phones, social networking and internet have conquered all distances now,  and we kept talking. I  din’t actually had the habit of talking on phone but I learned that too. thanks to my beloved sister 🙂 :*

My Support System

During my tenth standard , my I board exam year she guided me how to study and even made a timetable for me, I followed it truly. I had seen her studying and it gave me immense inspiration. That year was very difficult for me, without her; not even that my brother and mother got operated , I lost my elder maternal uncle(Mama, and had problems with friends.

But I din’t lose hope, I worked hard and sincerely as my sister and I topped the exam. I stood first in school. For the first time in life I had something genuine to be proud of myself.

Her Marriage

She returned from the US, and her marriage got fixed. I was so damn happy for her and excited and nervous too. I wanted to spend the few days joyfully with her before the marriage.

By this time even I was a teenager , matured and hence our relationship strengthened more. We could discuss more topics frankly ,which earlier couldn’t have been possible.I felt the old days are back, endless fights, chats , and bedtime gossips.

I saw a new her , more happy,practical and fun loving.

The day came, day of her marriage. I was so nervous, I felt as if a part of my body will be separated again.I felt butterflies in my stomach. the day went very fast, I cried a lot on the vidaai day. And again I felt lost initially,but gathered myself again.

Post Marriage Situation

We talked regularly , and more closer & closer we came with time.My sister’s happiness made me happy. I liked going to her place, at Malad. I still shared all my gossips and secrets with her.  She will be settled in Mumbai, the thought made me very glad, that we can keep meeting. And,yes almost every weekend we met, but those meetings were not fulfilling, less of time spending and more of travelling.

Distances !?!

After sometime,a year or two after the wedding, my sister’s family decided to shift to Mysore and start their own business. My sister’s father -in-law informed me initially about this, they had bought acres of land,and planned to stay on a farmhouse. I could not digest it at first.Why would someone leave their well settled houses in Mumbai & shift near a village in Mysore!! ; Particularly two software engineers, highly paid & well experienced, these were my initial thoughts.

Then gradually , I realized, my sis made me understand ;they had experienced the IT world , made sufficient money,but when they used to look forward 5-6 years ,they were not interested in the typical 9 to 9 job and a monotonous life. Secondly, they have experienced rather explored whole of Mumbai,its outskirts,and nearby picnic spots. So , it wasn’t a painful decision for them to leave Mumbai.

Respect !! 🙂

Ultimately when I became aware of the goals: providing employment to the poor, being self-employed,and self-sustained , care for the environment,I felt very proud and it grew more respect for her.

……. Continued on Part II

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

14 thoughts on “Didi , My Beloved Sister.”

  1. Heart touching :’) Di must have loved it n proud of u. Your experience do inspire me. And your first blog is just superb.. Waiting for more amazing experience of yours. God bless u.. love u


  2. woow .. its soo amazing and touching. beautiful words. Now i know how come u r such a great person . i wish i had a sister like yurs 🙂


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