Didi , My Beloved Sister- II

She kept telling me about her experiences at farm & I found them very fascinating,each day is a new day and may bring new challenges.She kept sending pics to me. I visited their farmhouse too and loved it to the core.I was really happy to find her happy and fully satisfied with life.

A New Life

Time passed by , my sis became pregnant and came to Mumbai, at my place for her delivery.I was full of joy and excitement,as this was a really long period she is going to be with me.Plus, I was excited I will be turning an aunt soon,& a baby would be coming soon 🙂

This time too we shared many things,I learned stuff from her like t-shirt painting and cooking. We shared the room like those good old days.Our routine started , but we din’t chat late till night as she and her body needed rest.She described me what it feels like, carrying a life inside her body , and the changes her body was going through.I found everything very fascinating and eye opening.When she told me for the first time,that the baby kicked,I was shocked , and could feel the joy and pleasure.I was just waiting for the new life to enter our lives.

Happy to Help !!

I was always there for her whenever she needed me. She behaved weirdly at times, feeling very hot when it wasn’t ,getting irritated easily, but I knew these were just hormonal changes and cooperated peacefully.

It was like, if she was pregnant, I felt I am half pregnant,not literally , but the way we were connected and cared.

The Day

The day came , and “its a baby boy”, those words filled me up with tears.The first look of the baby itself made me overwhelmed, those feelings I can’t express. I congratulated jiju and didi when she gained consciousness.Baby was so cute and adorable; even a glance on him expressed his delicateness and cuteness.

Kaanha… 🙂

In a few days sister got discharged and baby came home.He was named Kaanha soon.On the first night I was so scared to sleep.I kept looking at him. Even the tinniest cry or sound from him made me freak out. I din’t sleep that night at all, tensed baby would be comfortable or not.

After few days , I managed sleeping a little. But in another few days , baby din’t sleep at night.He used to cry & cry & cry.My sister and me stayed awake the whole night.

Half Mother ?!?

Sleepless nights, anxiety , reading mother care books,I did experience it all. I felt I am a half mother (maa-si) . I cherished those moments and will always do.Each and every moment was so captivating, I can’t express all.

Present Day

Now Kaanha is 2 years old,he calls me Paku( short of Prakriti) , he loves me a lot,like I do. We play together , I am always there for him.When he sometimes throws ball or other things at me, I get reminded of relation between me and my sister.Time flies soon….

Now I am not the youngest one,I am not the one who gets all the attention of my sister. But the love will never be less.

I wish I could pay back or return everything my sister gave me , to Kaanha, but that is not possible. He may not need it too, as I am sure she will be a perfect mother, as she played every role of her life perfectly 🙂


Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

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