The Unanticipated Result

The outcome of an unexpected result , is many more expectations, either by yourself, or by others. I have experienced this truly.

I was always a near-average student in school,more interested in cultural activities and sports than in studies. Neither did I ever stood in the ranker’s list nor was I among the scholars of my class.But, in the last exam of school life, the tenth standard boards,I get a meritorious score of 95%, leaving me, my parents,school and friends in shock !!

A never-a-ranker, average student , and one of the naughtiest girl,stands first in whole school, quite surprising !?! And this not so expected achievement led to a series of expectations….

My father started believing I am the most intelligent among by siblings, which wasn’t true at all.As a part of my family tradition, I was supposed to take up engineering as the profession. My dad enrolled me for IIT(Indian Institute Of Technology) coaching classes, where I got a splendid 60% discount on account of being a ranker.(These coaching institutes provide amazing scholarships and discounts, great marketing strategy )

On one place,I always dreamed of taking literature, or something like BMM or journalism as study options, and there I was ,attending IIT coaching classes.

It’s a very common notion,particularly in India,that getting in engineering line is equivalent to  job guarantee. As if engineering and medical are the only respectable career/study options.A study reveals over 82% engineers were unemployable in 2012, also India produces maximum number of engineers. If engineers make so much money,then India should have been one of the richest country,which is not at all the case.

I feel degree is not a measurement of knowledge,nor it will ensure enough money.Many people may end up doing something which is not at all related to their degrees !! And I am quite sure many of the people reading this(If you are from India) were forced to take up engineering/medical.

Well, I din’t get selected for IIT, quite obvious , as I din’t expect it too,also I din’t had the aptitude for it.I had given NMAT ,for the dual degree integrated program. MBA +Btech , hoping I will ultimately get a managerial profile ,and I will be following my family tradition too. I got a nice rank in NMAT and interview went good , hence got selected.

Not every outcome of my “unexpected result” was bad. I got the opportunity of representing India for the Student Exchange Program and was sent to Singapore for the same.I had the best week of my life there.

I was very anxious before joining college,wondering what kind of people I will meet,and whether I will manage studies and stuff. Initially I met very good people and soon became very good friends. We sat a lot in canteen,attended lectures,went for movies.Many lessons were also learnt during my first year, few of them are- not everyone is worth of your trust,secondly what and how people portray themselves to you,can be deceiving; and not everyone may think alike.

With time, I have realized,there are few people who are totally like me and will understand me,whereas some are in their own world. But still ,I don’t regret anything now, because I have enjoyed satisfactorily the first three years of my college life.

Let’s see where life takes me further , and what it has in store for me…


Thanks for reading,

Prakriti 🙂

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

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