Truly Special

Some people leave a remarkable mark behind them,  even in a short period of time.
I was going to collect my internship certificate from the organization yesterday. I was already late,  it was nearly lunch time,  I wanted to reach as soon as possible.
A shuttle arrived before I could reach the shuttle stop,  I ran and jumped in.  But I wasn’t sure it would stop or pass by the division I was supposed to go. I asked the lady sitting beside me,  but I got no reply. She kept looking out of her window. I felt very astonished,  how can someone simply ignore a person,  that too in need of help. I know people are lost in morning blues,  or tensed about reaching their offices on time,still atleast people can answer a simple yes or no question!?!
I assumed the lady has some serious attitude problem,  I still stubbornly asked her again, “Excuse me,  .. excuse me” I repeated,  but in vain.

I was wondering why would someone do like that;she should think that one day she might be in trouble took,  she may need help too.
The third time I patted her hand before asking this time. She turned towards me,  and gestured that she cannot hear. She was deaf!! Still she asked me where I wanted to go, using sign language. I explained by using slow action of my lips. She could understand the words by seeing my lips move. She guided me also, and explained the bus route too. Throughout the short journey, she kept showing me through signs, the bus route. She confirmed where I wanted to go, and assured she will tell me beforehand when to get down.
My destination came and I got down thanking her. I started walking,  the bus passed by, I looked inside ,she gave me a beautiful smile, and waved. 🙂

I felt very bad I troubled her. Also,  I cursed myself for assuming things about her.  I never actually jump on to conclusions, but the way I was being judgemental yesterday,disappointed me.I promised myself, I would never do so, for any individual.
I would have never realized her disability until she expressed herself. The sense of confidence she had,her dignity commanded respect. It seemed she had no regret of her being deaf,she lives her life like a totally able person. She is, a truly special woman.

She gave me a very important lesson- how muchever unfair life is to you, it’s upto yourself how to live. Either by cursing or crying,  or living it with a smile always. Thankful to her, and to God, for this truly special meeting.

– Straight from my heart,
Keep smiling 🙂

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

8 thoughts on “Truly Special”

  1. hellow am aayush i read your these short feelings and i am really impressed i myself is a student and really your way of writing have influenced me a lot inspired me in todays world …. in our busy life we donot have time for any one every one seems busy but deep inside us their is a small sweet human being which need to be explored we have forgotten that we have been sent here for spreading love and peace among all …………………… you really are a soure of inspiration to me ………………………………. you proved tht writing have power that it can change peoples heart and mke them soft ……….. and i too read your mother naturess poem ////////////// i too have many things inside me tht i need to tag them in word but due to lack of words in cnt ……………. soon i will try and thnx for the writings ……… you are source of inspirtion to me your words touch the heart and made me realise 🙂 thnx ………………………


    1. Firstly, thanks for the feedback, really appropriate it 🙂 and whenever you write, do it from your heart, it will be a brilliant piece of work.I am glad I inspired you in some way


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