Golden Words of Father

Even a short conversation can have a significant impact on your life,particularly when a person with great experience and knowledge is involved in it. This is about such a life-changing conversation I had yesterday.

I had promised myself that before the end of these holidays, I would try to know and explore myself better. Hence , I approached the Counselling Centre of St Xaviers college. I gave the Preference test and Career interest test there. Father Terry, the Director of counselling centre conducted it and he had called me yesterday for the evaluation’s discussion .

Initially he explained me the results of Career Interest Inventory and Personality Evaluation, he stated clearly, the results just show what your interests and preferences are, the results are just the compilation of what you are totally as a person. The counselling session gave me many lessons and moments to cherish . I am trying to narrate some of them, some of the golden words:

  • Confusion is not a problem: It’s human nature to be confused. We may like something now,but dislike it sometime later. We are confused about our choices, decisions, and it’s a very common dialogue, “I am confused in life”.Well ,it’s just normal and nothing bad about it.
  • Don’t feel inferior to others: Love and respect yourself.You may not be perfect,neither be good in everything. Every one has their own capabilities and talents.
  • Don’t Be Positive,Be Realistic !!: In contrary to the usually preached sayings and proverbs , like ” Always Be positive”, “Be Optimistic always”, Father believes it’s better to be realistic. Life will not always be good to you,there are ups and downs. Be prepared for the bad times. Accept failures, moreover, be practical. If we always keep thinking JUST positively, we may end up living in a hypothetical world where everything is good.
  • Be Respectful: Care and respect not only yourself, but others too. Respect every’s individual’s opinion. All suggestions/opinions may not please you, but you may get some useful information too.
  • Be Assertive: In your behavior and communication, be assertive. Feel free to express your feelings, know your rights, and control your anger. Don’t repress, but talk in a reasonable manner.
  • Make Mistakes: One of the ending words of the conversation “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, You will learn something from them “. 


I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him, and discuss my views with him too. I will try to bring the necessary changes in my life. The conversation must have lasted around 20 minutes,in those 20 minutes I learnt many things; This proves Experience matters a lot.

Either you will be happily successful or unhappily successful ,it’s upon you,to choose your way . There is nothing like happily unsuccessful, because if you are happy, your life is a success indeed. 🙂

-Straight From My Heart ,

Prakriti :).

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

13 thoughts on “Golden Words of Father”

  1. Omg !! amazing !! damn i like it…..i will keep all this golden words forever with me…..HEarlty thanks for beautiful ,,,,inspiring articles….keep uploading…god bless p 🙂


  2. “Don’t Be Positive,Be Realistic !!” I like this one the most. I keep hearing or reading quotes about always staying positive. Yeah, sometimes thinking positive and trying to see the silver lining in every bad thing that happens to you is all that you can do in order to keep yourself from giving up and shutting out the world. But trying to cheer yourself up every time something bad happens can be tiring. It’s okay to feel bad and cry sometimes. It’s okay to have some alone time to slowly release the pain that you’re feeling. What’s important is that you release all the negative energy out at your own pace and then face the world in a bright new light. 😀


    1. Yes exactly, sometimes thinking positive is like convincing yourself. And as you said release the negativity and start again with new hopes and energy 🙂 I was going through your post last night, it is really difficult to teach Java in 10 days, secondly it’s not always the teacher’s fault. All the best for your new profession . 🙂


      1. Haha thanks Prakriti! I just joined my students in their drinking session. If I can’t be an excellent teacher, then I’ll be a good buddy instead. Waha! What logic! 😀


      2. Haha hopefully! I get insta-feedback on my performance. Now I gotta focus on improving my enunciation as I tend to talk too fast or eat my words 😀


  3. Best blog.. it helped me clarify myself my thoughts n my approach towards life.. we somewhere know these things but with hustle-bustled life we go astray.. n deny d implementation of dese learning throughout in our life … i appreciate ur skills that you exactly communicated wat father terry is willing to communicate to every individual.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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