Unavoidable Changes

The last genuine holidays of my student life ended . College started from Monday. I never imagined it would be so difficult for me to resume back to normal.

My daily travelling routine from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai started, I am used to it.  But getting up early and taking 7 09 train was something I did after 6 months.  I din’t feel like going on Monday. I was sad for the holidays were over. Not that I din’t enjoy them, travelling,  trekking, bird watching, painting , writing,  meeting friends, I did everything I love. But there was a feeling I will not get the amount of me-time I used to get. My mom had to literally throw me out of the house.  😉

Somehow I reached college. I was missing my library group too, and was reminded of those days when we used to sit and have fun together,  all of us. Then there was an orientation program,  where we were told to change ourselves as we have entered a PG program now. We are supposed to be mature and disciplined now !! And no late comers allowed in class,  not even 5 minutes. In fact there was a guideline mentioning to reach class 5 minutes before!! 

The second day was a little better. I got my regular direct train but was disappointed to when I found that many of my train friends had stopped travelling by it. 😦  They all used to be a part of my life… Seeing and meeting them left my day incomplete. The one and a half hour journey never seemed long when all of us were present.

Yesterday only management lectures  were there. This is another change , from being technical to going totally non technical. I liked the subjects and lectures too.  Nothing to note down,  just sit,  interact and discuss. Management seems so refreshing after studying all the technical subjects.

I was very happy after the last lecture, as it interested me.  But my happiness din’t last long as I realized trains got canceled due to continuous heavy rains!! 😉

Hope I will get uses to the all the changes soon.  I have to and I know I will very soon.  Anyway change is an unavoidable part of life.  The sooner we accept it,  the better it is!

-Straight from my heart,

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

7 thoughts on “Unavoidable Changes”

  1. Changes are necessary in life as a famous quote says “if u don’t change then u will lose ur existence “….either change and be better or don’t change and be same…..


  2. hey i am just kidding yaar…..plz dont’ mind….i just love ur articles….keep it up……god bless u :):):):):):)


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