“Me” Time

We take so many things for granted, our parents, friends, good people. There comes a time when we take ourselves for granted too.

In this busy life, we tend to forget what we actually want. It feels so good when we take a break,  pamper ourselves,  and do things we love. !

I was having a very busy time managing college , I had my sessional exams. I ignored myself so much during that time,  no proper food,  sleep,  and less of talking with friends. On Tuesday,  my exams got over. I decided I will spend the time myself the next day. ( It was a holiday) I gave myself a hair spa( which I needed terribly), facial,  and then danced on my favorite tracks. I was home alone.. I did cooking. After so long I talked properly to my sister and my bestfriend from school.I wrote after a long time expressing my feelings . Even though I had a sound sleep the previous night,  I slept in afternoon again, compensating for the week.  😉 🙂
It felt so good,  I was so happy that day. Sometimes we just need to spend quality time with oneself
It was the best home alone ever. Giving time to myself. 🙂
Hope I get such  me-times frequently and that I don’t avoid myself completely.

– Straight From My Heart, 

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

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