THE Wedding Project !!

Indian wedding is not just a life changing event , but a huge project. With all phases of initiation, planning, execution and closure !! The whole of last month, I was actively involved in Project Shaadi (wedding) of my brother and cut-off from college work and biosphere too !!

Everything starts as soon as the dates are finalized. Initial planning , venue, time ,etc . And as the months come closer , everyone is busy shopping , for various events ! Not only the bride or bridegroom’s family, but all other guests and invitees start preparing for it. As many dresses one buys, will be less for a proper big fat Indian wedding. πŸ˜‰

Huge amount of planning goes into a wedding, guest lists, menu, which dress to wear on which day, return gifts and what not !! So many lists , drafts and then final lists.


With so many customs ,events and days, I was always reminded of Chetan bhagat’s line from Two States – “In India wedding is not just the union of two individuals but two families”. Which is indeed very true, particularly when the two families are of different culture . A high amount of risk is associated with a wedding too, like meeting time constraints, managing food ,Β proper following of customs…

Sangeet, an evening of songs, dance and dinner requires separate planning and preparation. Its the most fun filled night. My brother’sangeet went very well and I am glad he enjoyed it fully.. πŸ™‚

THE day is very hectic, as it is the final execution of all those plans and preparations. After dancing one full night just before the wedding day, it becomes very difficult to stay fresh throughout πŸ˜‰
Proper coordination and communication is needed in such events. The most awaited part of a North Indian wedding is the baarat (procession) , in which everyone dances their hearts out. And immediately after reaching the bride’s place, we are supposed to be fresh and pose for photos.

I was so sweaty after baarat that I looked drunk in reception, still had to keep smiling for photos;-)

Finally, the wedding, the auspicious moment, for which all these days and months preparation takes place arrives. The union of two individuals with 7 promises for life takes place with the blessings of all.

However complicated and long process may it be of the wedding. Its an event, worth enjoying, cherishing throughout.

I will always remember each and every part ,planning and event of my brother’s wedding. I am glad for the constart support of my friends too. It would have been impossible without them to manage stuff.

The shaadi hangover still remains till one week after the wedding.
Right now I am in the transition phase of resuming back to normal college life πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Heartily congratulations to my brother …

-Straight from my heart,


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