What a Foodie wants…

I am a foodie, I big  one. I just love eating , I eat every 2 hours and I want variety in my food. For a foodie, food is not only a matter of survival , but its an art, which they appreciate. They have an urge to try something new always, and wish to order something different every time they eat out. They concentrate on what they eat and have every bite with relish. Foodies have many problems too, one is a dilemma to choose between taste or health. Another main problems are the financial problems, they don’t understand where their money goes 😉 Getting information about different restaurants  menus, their location and timings is another big concern for them , as they never get tired of trying something new.. Being a student and a foodie, I face almost all these problems. I don’t realize why and when my wallet gets empty , and my stomach keeps craving for good, tasty, different food. But I am glad,that technology has helped the foodies too. With so many websites and apps for food-lovers, ordering new variety of food has become very easy. Some of the reliable and awesome ones are:

FoodPanda: Panda was anyway my favourite animal, and foodpanda just made me fell more in love with it 😉 With foodpanda we can order food online, anytime, anywhere in more than 100 cities !! Also the mobile application is very user friendly, plus one gets various codes and additional discounts on applications. Based on the location, foodpanda fetches all nearby restaurants and moreover introduces great offers too for example, its the festive cricket season, hence it on using certain code we get 100 Rs off. (Thus making the cricket season more festive 😉 ). As  far as reliabilty is of concern, there is Panda Price Promise, which promises to refund the difference, if one pays more than that listed on the menu.

Now what about getting more offers on foodpanda. YES !! There is http://www.27coupons.com/ which helps customers and foodies like me to get additional offers, like flat 50% on full menu, 40% off on all food orders, and even buy one get one free, wohoooo. Check them out here ( http://www.27coupons.com/stores/foodpanda.in/)

JustEat: As the name is, they want us to just eat, without thinking much. justeat offers easy, reliable and fast food ordering and deliver in Banglore, Delhi and Mumbai. One can order or even book a table with just few clicks from over 2000 restaurants and 52 cuisines. The best part is you can pay by cash or card. For people who don’t like online payments, there is always Cash on Delivery option. The mobile app comes very handy and there is 50% off on app orders too. They also have corporate food ordering, the managers can take care of their employees working late nights or on weekends. All that is needed is a registered id and password, then selection of city and campus. Food from the selected restaurant will be delivered on campus. No more waiting in long queues to order, also it gives the power of customization, getting food according to chosen time and limits.

27coupons (http://www.27coupons.com/stores/justeat.in/) provides justeat coupons, codes and discounts which are tested and tagged with banks. Many offers are active like 50% off , 25% off, etc. The offers are available both on online payment and also on cash-on-delivery mode.


Thus now we can save money, while we continue eating and enjoying food. Registering on 27coupons will thus help in availing additional discounts and satisy our sudden cravings for pasta, pizza, aloo-paratha and what not !!

So hurryy..

Happy food ordering

Happy Just Eating.. 😀

Straight from a foodie’s heart

Prakriti Singh

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

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