Bhrigu Lake – A trek of many firsts

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Everything happens for the first time in life. The weird part is you have no control over when and how you will get introduced to those experiences.

It could be very early in your life or when you are 80.

I happened to do my first trek at the age of 24 and the chance was Bhrigu Lake.

It was in May last year when I went to do this 4-day long trek that began from Gulaba, a few kilometers from Manali. And, I was told there was going to be a lot of snow.

I had never walked on snow before. So, I was kind of scared yet excited.

I, along with 14 other participants, began my journey from Gulaba. Everyone was pepped up and excited. The first day was about walking through sprawling meadows. We were overshadowed by the huge Hanuman Tibba Peak behind us.

It was about afternoon when we stopped to have our packed lunches. It had been long since the last time I had a picnic in the outdoors. It felt nice to have lunch with the strangers underneath bright sun surrounded by lush greenery.

Around 4 in the evening, we reached our campsite for the day. Dark clouds were forming. So we hurriedly pitched our tents. For the first time, I pitched my own tent.

By the time we were done, rain started to pour down. We all moved into the kitchen tent to enjoy Maggi and the hot piping tea.

Finally, the night came and we were counting stars. The sky view in the night was surreal. Since we had to start early in the morning, I went to bed and fell asleep in seconds.

The next day, we had to traverse through the snow. I was scared because I had never seen this much snow in life. As they say ‘the best part comes after overcoming fears’, I took a sigh of courage and went ahead.

It was a great learning for me, walking on the ice. It is not easy. There goes technique in traversing on ice. Once you master it, everything becomes easy.

The climb to the lake was steep. I heard someone saying that the lake changed colors with seasons.

On my way, I also wondered why Sage Bhrigu, after whom the lake is named, came all the way up to meditate. It turns out there is a heart-rending story behind it.

After Sage Vishwamitra killed all the children and wife of Sage Bhrigu, he became depressed and went to suicide in River Beas. The river stopped him from giving his life and suggested he meditate near the lake to attain peace and closure. So, he did.

Once we reached the top, I realized what made him have closure. The views around the lake were absolutely thrilling. The clouds floated around you. The scene was breathtaking.

I also learned another thing.

Bhrigu Lake being my first trek was an achievement in itself. But achieving 14,000 ft of height all in two days was a bigger achievement, especially for a first-timer. Even on long and more difficult treks, you get to achieve this height on the fourth or fifth day.

Bhrigu Lake was my first trek, it surely wouldn’t be my last. I was sure of that. Beas Kund was next.

By Dhaarna Kukreja

A gypsy with a heart of a writer, Dhaarna has just stepped into the world of trekking and she is falling in love with the mountains with one Himalayan trek at a time. When not trekking, she can be found talking and thinking about the food all day long. Also, a cinephile.

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

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