A Memorable Sunday

Yesterday was a day filled with emotions,  of all kinds,  happiness, anxiety,  joy,  sadness,  madness and what not. After a hectic first week of my fourth-year,  Sunday seemed so refreshing. It was an awaited weekend, but I never knew it would be so relaxing, in all ways.

It was the best chaddhi buddies ( childhood friends) meet . My dearest childhood friend, is going to the US for her masters. We had planned a surprise farewell for her. She had no idea about who all are coming. We initially celebrated it the traditional way,  like all our childhood birthday parties used to be with cake, chips and chocolates 🙂 It reminded us of all the old parties 😉

Then we talked about all the crazy games we played,  some of the most memorable events, and other things like Pokemon 😉 I even gifted her a Pikachu tshirt painted by myself


As kids we always wondered that when we will grow up,  be in separate parts of the world,  will we be friends forever. Yes we remained friends,  20 years of friendship,  as old as we are.

Times have changed now,  from playing all day,  now we discuss about our future,  our problems, and other serious stuff. But I am sure,  our friendship would be as beautiful as it had been in the other phases of our friendship.

Whatever happens,  the brilliant innocence we have when we all are together will always remain with us.  Somethings never change… Rightly said 😉

– Straight from My heart, 

Author: praks_the_explorer

Explorer, wanderer, foodie, nature lover and a blogger by passion. Engineer and MBA grad by qualifications, and technology manager by profession. In a single sentence - I am a traveler working as a technology manager to fund my travels.

4 thoughts on “A Memorable Sunday”

  1. True!

    Some things never change! and a perfect instance you demonstrated of friendship. Kudos to the people who have you as a friend 🙂

    Nicely threaded writeup!


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